There's an old expression that goes: "If you do something, do it right". It's rather a undemanding values really, yet it's one that umteen endeavour to employ in ordinary life, be it personal or white-collar. Also, by doing it right, it roughly mode that you'll get it letter-perfect and that is in particular what The Village Lodge in De Waterkant have through - they did it exactly and they got it permission.

Rodney Woodley and Robert Musielewicz are the boys aft the attractive glory of Cape Town improvement and De Waterkant amusement providers, that is The Village Lodge Portfolio, that comprises The Village Lodge guest house, various self line temporary cottages and lofts in De Waterkant, an selective VIP francisco villa in Loader Street, Soho restaurant, the upper side Sky Bar and dealings venue, Friendly Society neighbourhood pub and Salsa tapas bar and edifice.

Yes, it's a fairly palatial portfolio. But what is peak astounding is that they did it letter-perfect. In reality they're static doing it correct because in the geniality industry, as Rodney explains, venues and establishments are persistent drudgery in advancement - be it changing of seasonal menus, updating flamboyance trends or by and large attentive to the requirements and desires of your trade.

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Neither Rodney or Robert have backgrounds in the cordial reception industry, but by harnessing their single skills and talents in business, style, ability and passion, they created their niche in the De Waterkant business enterprise flea market and formed it.

Soho building is unhurried and stylish, serving conventional gastronome Thai culinary art within an tidily spangly extraterrestrial that boasts old international intrigue beside a modern, cultivated flare and wherever diet is fantastically ready and presented. The décor combines London stylish with a mere asian flair and will supplication to populace who not solitary savour Asian cuisine, but as well recognize concentration to small point.

This time period saw the launching of other form of their Village Lodge portfolio, this juncture with whatever mestizo magic. They took ended worn old Rosie's excavation bar differing the Cape Quarter on Waterkant Street, convinced the administrator to throw on two remaining floors, spruced up the entrance, titled the indoor and open Friendly Society (on the less flat) that interconnects beside Salsa (on the interior even) and 4 upper floor apartments on top. Friendly Society is a moment ago that - a site to bump into for a agreeable go on the town or mix near kind general public. The biggest extracellular fluid blind TVs are just the thing for sportsmanlike actions and the auditory communication videos and the posh-nosh-type pub meals served, build this a homely spot to stop by any instance of the day or time period. Keeping stride with current trends, a facade divider (á la Facebook) has been introduced, with mounted mugshots of friends, regulars and another absorbing De Waterkant settlement relatives and characters. Cocktails and a fanlike salmagundi of specialty tequila, from Agave to Don Julio, will fast and efficiently bring up out the kindness of even the supreme hard buyer.

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The interiors of all the venues are insolently in with indomitable use of color combinations - that in some way honourable complex.

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