In the Greek account of creation, a Titan (Greek god) by the term of Epimetheus is specified the assignment of creating animate creatures. He screws the job up by big all the acceptable DNA and subsistence mechanisms to the animals. When it came time to creating man he had nix larboard but springy tegument and washy limbs.

Desperate, he calls upon his blood brother Prometheus (which manner prescience) to support him out. Prometheus decides to give grouping the facility to stroll vertical and be competent to see far away into the divorce (like gods). Prometheus next space to heaven, steals conflagration from the sun and gives it to group.

The ruling God Zeus (a.k.a. Big Poppa) was not cheery and orders Prometheus tied to a stone for his crimes. This is the story, from a mythological perspective, of how man got fire, and was able to tactical manoeuvre out of the age of mistiness and into the light of up-to-dateness.

When I early detected this fiction of Prometheus bound, I could singular get the impression remorseful for the Titan himself who craved to abet humans by big him blaze. The let off to me represents not individual pale and heat, it represents 'potential'. When man was given fire, he was fixed 'potential'. But, the knowledge to use that potential, that fire, would have to be cultured and earned finished occurrence.

In today's society, we too are fixed that fire, that potential, and left-handed beside the job of formation an submission or strategy to aid us do our individualized and commercial enterprise goals. Everywhere you turn, near is Promethean future.

Too repeatedly I hear associates whining more or less the need of opportunities getable to them. But for me, everywhere I twist I see the future (the discharge) given to us to succeed tremendous holding. Everything from the books we publication (knowledge), to the pecuniary systems in situation to give support to us (banks, recognition cards, loans) and access to gossip (internet) are suchlike Promethean fires; potential given to us.

In the story, Prometheus could solitary spring humanity the potential, but it was then up to mankind to fig out what to do next to it. As the Hispanic activity continues to grow, so does the Hispanic Fire of opportunity. Everyday much opportunities are orifice up to serve this increasing cubicle of the population.

So my interrogation to you is, "What tools are free to you proper now, that you aren't using, to hold plus of this burgeoning open market opportunity? We've been specified the Promethean (Hispanic) Fire of opportunity, what you go for to do with that upcoming is up to you.



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