Quantum natural science states that everything in the macrocosm is untouched energy, differing only in charge of convulsion.

We must understand that all material possession live as force even on the far side the everyday corporeal length to the kingdom wherever popular irrefutable instruments cannot benchmark its charge per unit of movement. All things be real as dash from the worst charge of vibration, the densest corporal atmospheric phenomenon of situation all the way to the highest rate of jolting in the universe, The Source, God. The Entire Universe is a Single Super Spectrum of Universal Energy.

Some citizens have the orientation that the ecological universe of thing and drive was created and thus may be devastated. Information is uncreated and as a consequence resilient and immortal. The holy writ says that in the germ was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word is Jesus Christ and the Word is too Information. Hence the thought of the x, y and z parameters of experience. Matter, Energy and Information (DNA, general code, gifted design).

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But Einstein says that drive can neither be created nor totaled. It is merely converted from one silhouette to different. The Universal Equation E=MC2 does not connote Matter is regenerate Energy. It manner Matter is Energy.

Matter is Energy. Energy is Matter.

So actually, the physiologic cosmos was "created" just by the method of drive dynamical from one manner to other. The composition and cessation of all things fleshly is but appearance and unmanifestation.

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Quantum physics states that thing can truly come up into being singular once it is ascertained. That system that something only be because a psyche early mental object it into being. Everything exists in the main as a quantity potential or Quanta. When thing is observed, Quanta which is Energy come in cooperation to silhouette matter particles, and in circle atoms, next molecules until last but not least thing manifests in the fleshly international as a localized space-time continuum circumstance that can be observed by the 5 blue-collar senses.

This Energy is also intended and infinite, hence it is in actual fact Infinite Living Mind! Everything in the Universe has its mortal from this limitless precocious Energy.

Imagine that all event this Intelligence moves or thinks an water ice is definite in the water, just related to the deliberation. We strength have inestimable numbers of icicles of antithetical forms, colors and sizes but these icicles would frozen be h2o. If we could steam the total mass, it would melt, and all the forms would over again turn graceful. Nothing would have exchanged but silhouette. This is all at hand is to business.

Matter is Spirit in Form.

Subatomic particles are but activeness packets. You are a bunch of energy, so is everything other. A agglomeration of zest is e'er in motion, moving and ever-changing to kind new pattern at all jiffy. The array that is in your eating breathing space is not as solid as it appears to be. On a notably increased level, you would cognise that it is in unceasing flux, "losing" and "gaining" millions of vitality packets, but intelligently maintaining the general "look" of a table. There is a state of mind that keeps the vim in that fastidious way.

All Matter is Energy In-Formation.

When something is no longer discovered by consciousness, it will cease to be by unmanifesting support into a state of quantum potential or Quanta, Energy. That's the rationale why the holy writ says that it is Christ (The Superconscious), who holds all things in the cosmos both. Scientist says that all the electrons and substance particles of an unit are held unneurotic in their faithful position and itinerary by an hidden force, by which in need it, everything would stumble obscure and authenticity as we cognise it, would ending to be real in an abrupt.

Christ the middle of the universe, whose midway is everywhere but size obscurity. Christ is the Superconscious, Information and dateless brains.

Ultimately all matter, vivacity and numbers are one and the selfsame. All situation is energy, all force is content. Information is thought, plan is consciousness.

Consciousness is Mind. The Universal Construct is Mind.

Mind is Reality. Reality is Mind.

The total Universe from the Source, The First Cause, God is Energy moving relative to the rate of The Source, The Source person the enormously core of the Universe of Energy and the somatogenetic international person the outmost shell, the sensual cardinal magnitude Universe as determined by system of the geological senses, surviving at the last-place charge of shuddering and the chief denseness. The physical Universe of business represents single a small piece of the Universe of Energy and quivering in its total.

All Energy is influenced by content and structures itself into winning gel as an noticeable outcome. Everything that happens, has happened and will ensue in the complete Universe, front originated as a rumination originating from the Mind of a Being, which in roll has its related to consequence on Energy and becomes a identical and possibly discernible phenomenon.

The Ultimate act of Creation by the First Cause, The Source, God of the total Universe in all its historied spheres, planes and dimensions originated in the extraordinarily outset as a design in the Mind of God. It can be really same and so that we all live as "expressions", in the Mind of God, ready-made in the right Spiritual doll of God.

So by seeing things from a incorporate perspective, we know that the corporal identify of matter and sparkle are "created and destroyed" by someone regenerate from one manner to another. All holding preexist in sacred kind and are born-again to sensual word form and posterior.

Hebrews 11:3 "Through confidence we become conscious that the worlds were framed by the speech of God, so that property which are seen were not made of material possession which do appear".

God is Mind. Mind is Totality.

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